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What Can I Expect for Showings?

The percent scenario for maximum exposure is to have your home available at all times (9am to 8pm) each day. You will have most showings after work and on weekends. If this is not possible, a showing plan can be arranged that will meet your needs.

It is certainly a challenge to live in a home that you have set up for showings. It is so important to keep everything tidy at all times and tough to do when you are running out the door late for work. Be sure to allow extra time to pick up and make it picture perfect.

Plan to vacate your home for all showings. A potential buyer will feel most comfortable if you are not home. This gives them the freedom to walk around, take their time, and make comments freely. It often feels like an invasion by the buyer if they think they are disturbing you in your home. A licensed Agent will accompany all buyers, however, it is a good idea to store all valuables appropriately.

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