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It’s Definitely Time to Sell… How Can I Get Ready?

OK, It’s definitely time to sell… How can I get ready?

Take an objective look at your property: When selling a house, you want to create an environment whereby buyers can envision themselves in the space.

Start with the approach. Drive up to your home as if you were a buyer. Look at the landscaping details, condition of paint, function of gates. So often we live with little problems or deferred maintenance. Giving these items attention can make all the difference to your potential buyer. In the home buying process, the buyer will make a “no” decision on first impression most of the time.

Walk inside and look around. Where does your eye go? How does your entry or living area make you feel? Is it cluttered? A good rule is 1-3 items on a surface area. Cluttered surface areas are mentally distracting and create a feeling of being overcrowded. It’s easier for your buyer to dream if there is less to see. Removing personal items and photos keeps potential buyers from being distracted.

This principle applies to your closets as well. They should appear neat and orderly; otherwise it will seem that the home is short on closet space. Renting a storage space for a short time is a great way to clear excess collectibles and furniture from your home.

These seemingly insignificant details can add thousands of dollars to your eventual sale price, and can significantly shorten market time.

I’m Overwhelmed; there is no way I can do all this:

That’s why Amber has earned so much repeat business over the years. She is here to help. She will create a plan that will be cost AND time effective to meet your needs. She is more than willing to jump in and work, whether it means managing repairs and contractors, or just rolling up her sleeves and planting flowers.
One great option is to hire a professional “stager,” someone with experience preparing homes for showings. Their fees are most often offset by quicker sales and higher selling prices.

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