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Determine Your Area and Type of Home

Discuss with your Realtor the options of finding a home within your price range. What
areas have homes you can afford and what type of home? Homes range from Condos, to
townhouses, to single family structures, to live-in investment units. Sit down with your Realtor
to discuss what type of home you desire, and determine your area of interest. Finding a home to
suit your needs could be very challenging. This is one of the great values of finding an insightful
and understanding Real Estate Agent.

Have a conversation with your Real Estate Agent about your “ideal scenario”. It is very
helpful to talk with your Realtor and go into the details of what you “must have”, “need”, and
“want” in a home. Your real estate agent will be able to tell you what you are likely reasonable to
expect finding a home from the available inventory with-in your price range. Unless you are
buying a brand new custom built home, you will probably need to have an open mind about your
requirements for finding a home, taking into consideration what is available to you.

Be prepared to be flexible, even when you determine your area. Sometimes the perfect home for
you may be just outside parameters and street boundaries you thought were important to you.
Ask your Realtor a lot of questions about different areas, you could be surprised at some ideas
your real estate agent may come up with to help you determine your area.

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